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Welcome to my About page

My passion is supporting women through pregnancy and during those turbulent first few years after giving birth. Like many people who find their life purpose, mine was born from my own traumatic journey into parenthood.

It was an uninformed and unsupported experience that left me desperate to ensure other parents-to-be were empowered with more informed and more positive experiences. 

I am a mum to two gorgeous people who challenge and enrich me in equal measures, but their entry into this world left me physically and emotionally battered.

Two difficult pregnancies led to two difficult deliveries that resulted in a number of ailments that could have been avoided or minimized had I been better informed.

This included pelvic organ prolapse, severe lower back and shoulder pain, incontinence, a 6cm Diastasis Recti (a separation between my abdominal muscles), and a tummy that looked 5 months pregnant months after I’d given birth.

Move well with Anna About Us
Anna Downs



Anna Downs

I started my professional career as an officer in the British Army. It was a fulfilling 10 years that gave me that gave me many amazing life skills, but also I am so grateful for, today, but it also trained me to ignore my body’s response to pain.

While useful for my military role, this was extremely detrimental when it came to understanding how to trust in and listen to my body.

My pregnant and postpartum body deserved to be cared for with nourishing movement, instead of being pushed to its limits.

I have taken this experience, and having now worked with more than 1,000 women, ranging from 6-week pregnant to 16-year postpartum, I have shaped a highly effective training technique that is both nourishing, fun and bares great results.



To You

Anna Downs

I know what it is like to feel overwhelmed with all the advice on offer. I also have first-hand experience of “getting it wrong” and having to learn how to heal myself the hard way.

I have been in your shoes, and it can be a scary, lonely and overwhelming place.

Let me share that burden and ease your uncertainty. Let me guide you through the minefield of options available in a safe and supportive space with evidence-based information. Let me build you up, empower you and be your biggest cheerleader.

I promise to do everything within my power to support you on this magical journey.

Let’s do this!


Much Love, Anna x

Anna Downs

Clients Who




“Anna’s Pilates sessions are amazing. She has totally changed my body shape and posture. My core and pelvic floor muscles have strengthened. Anna tailors the sessions to how you feel and what you need. After every session I feel uplifted. She is such a lovely lady too. I highly recommend you try one of her sessions — you’ll be back for more!”



“Anna is an incredibly knowledgeable and supportive person to train with. I worked with Anna during and after pregnancy and she was able to push me enough to keep strength but also support my changing body. I had sciatica pain as a result of pregnancy, and I am confident that it would have been something I would have continued to have problems with if I hadn’t been working with someone as well trained and as dedicated as Anna. I highly recommend her sessions!”



“Anna cares about making sure that you get the most from your fitness session. Whether it’s laughs and giggles with burlesque chair moves, or celebrating your triumph when managing a backwards roll. Anna cares and shares. Yes, she wants you to work towards greater flexibility, strength, stability and fitness, but by being aware of where you are right now and working on your movement journey in partnership Highly recommended.”


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