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Movement & Exercise

Specialised Fitness Programmes That Support Your Health During Your Pregnancy.

Step One

Amazing Prenatal Movement & Exercise - Move Well WIth Anna 2022

Prenatal Assessment

An effective and bespoke training programme should be constructed from knowledge this 100% aligned with your needs and your goals. The Prenatal Assessment will not only help us do this but also empower you with knowledge and understanding about your changing body. From this base we can build a solid and effective training programme to help you flourish.

Step Two

Kickstart Programme

This is a supported, self-contained programme, built on the knowledge gained from your assessment. It is designed to lay the foundations for a pregnancy full of nourishing movement, while focusing on all the areas we identified as needing a little support. It’s also designed to fill your toolbox with easy to implement exercises and movement strategies to help you remain strong, fit and move confidently throughout your pregnancy.

Your Kickstart Programme also includes various levels of accountability to encourage you to keep on track and be able to ask questions when the need arises.

Step Three

Body Nourish Programme

This is a bespoke personal training programme that builds on the assessment and the Kickstart Programme.

The purpose is to honour and nourish your changing body while progressing your strength, mobility, core and pelvic floor function and aerobic fitness in line with your goals and needs. This programme will not only help you prepare for the rest of your pregnancy and delivery but also lay the foundations for you to rehabilitate your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles after birth and manage the physical demands of early parenthood.

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To You

If after we meet for your assessment, you decide it is just not for you, just let me know within 24hours, and I will refund 100% of your money, no questions asked.

Much love, Anna x

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