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Pregnant and struggling with your sleep?


Struggling to sleep, mama-to-be? Muscle aches, restless legs, super active brain, and anxiety about the baby are some of the reasons why sleeping is as hard as tying your own shoes these days! But don’t worry, we’ve got your back….

Here are my *top three tips* for great sleep during pregnancy:

Help those achy muscles relax:
Relaxing in a warm bath filled with magnesium salts or rubbing magnesium oil on your limbs before bed can not only be a beautiful part of your evening self-care, this mineral is known for helping to release and relax muscle tension and there have been multiple linked to improved sleep outcomes. Here is my favourite pregnancy-safe brand, Raks Natural. (Enter ANNA10 at checkout for a 10% discount)

Journal your fears away:
Pregnancy journaling is a therapeutic practice for a healthy bedtime routine. By writing down your thoughts before bed, you clear space in your mind for restful, nourishing sleep. If you’re looking for inspiration on where to start, our gorgeous Pregnancy Journal Prompts book can help you establish an effective journaling practice. (Prices start at 599thb for a digital copy. Email if you’d like to purchase a paperback or hard copy for 700/900thb).

Nourish your body with movement:
Prenatal fitness classes are designed to reduce pain and anxiety, as well as prepare your body for better sleep and an easier delivery. The next round of our Pregnancy Fitness & Education programme is about to start in Bangkok on Wednesday 6th March. Come and join us!